How it Started

SarrebySari Cosmetics is an upcoming and arising star in the cosmetics industry in Malaysia. It is based in Kuala Lumpur, the brand had launched its first product called Sarre Lipmatte in August 2018 which has captured many attentions from the local users and celebrities.  Fully owned by a Malaysian, the sole-owner Ms. Sarihana is known as a figure with a high taste, a user of a high-end cosmetics line, fashionista and also active in voluntary acts towards humanitarian projects.  A modern woman with career and independent, she understands what women need to be simple yet elegant.  Therefore SarrebySari is designed fully for the women like herself, one with fast moving lifestyle.

Sarre Lipmatte consists of 6 elegant shades from Au Naturale to pop-pink, to the ‘mess-with-me-not’ red with the name given to each of the colors a special character, tones and a story to tell.  Special ingredients added to the formulation, like Cocos Nucifera and Vitamin E, Sarre Lipmatte has proven itself as among the best lipstick ever made by the local brands.  Cocos Nucifera is well-known as an anti-aging agent, anti-inflammatory, anti-dryness and contains anti-chapping properties, whilst vitamin E is known as a powerful natural moisturiser, helps diminishing fine wrinkles, conditioning and combat lips darkening.  Both the ingredients aid growth and re-generate skin cells. 

The texture many have admitted as the most comfortable, absurdly light, airy and it glides smoothly feeling bare even after many layers.  Sarre Lipmatte is lightly scented to complete this exclusive product.

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